Green commitment 
We hope you share our views of helping our planet! Every little bit helps. We want to do our part as well.

  • We are completely digital and “paper-less”
  • We use LED lights
  • We use high tech and efficient air compressor that produces less waste

Digital x-rays

Not only is this an environmentally friendly alternative to the older film x-rays, there are a long list of other advantages:

  • Less radiation
  • Better image quality
  • Better patient education – we can easily show you what we see on the TV monitor.

3D CBCT scans

  • Mainly for implant dentistry but also for some cases of wisdom teeth and root canal therapy.
  • 3D scans allow us to safely plan our surgery before starting.

Sterilization Protocol

  • In Alberta we follow very strict sterilization protocols that may not be followed in other parts of Canada and North America.

Comfort measures

  • Massaging dental chairs
  • Wireless headphones
  • Coffee and refreshment station